Who Is The Holy Spirit?

Join us every Sunday in March as we answer some of our biggest questions about the Holy Spirit. You can have a life changing relationship with the Holy Spirit!

*The Holy Spirit In Us

*The Holy Spirit With Us

*The Baptism in the Holy Spirit

*The Holy Spirit Leads Us

Every Sunday in March at 10am.

The Secret Battle of Ideas About God

A virus has been spreading across America. Chances are you’ve already been infected without even realizing it. The virus is made up of dangerous ideas—worldviews that don’t reflect Jesus and biblical living.
According to a recent Barna study, less than one in five practicing Christians have a biblical worldview. Idea viruses—stemming from secularism, Marxism, postmodernism, new spirituality, and Islam—are rampant in our churches today.
But don’t give up—there is hope! The Secret Battle of Ideas about God is a manual for winning the battle of ideas that is raging for our hearts and minds.

Join us every Wednesday night at 7pm as we journey through this study by Jeff Myers, exploring today's worldviews and life's biggest questions.